Thursday, February 23, 2012

Peter Pan Tile Coasters

I think I may be OCD. If something isn't perfect then I don't want to do something half baked. My sewing room still isn't unpacked and organized and because of that I don't want do anything in it, not sewing, not crafting, NOTHING. Now my mind tells me no but my heart wants to craft or sew. I've been pinning things endlessly on Pinterest and am dying to try some of the things I've never had time to do.

Well yesterday I bit the bullet and packed up the things I would need to do some tile coasters and took them to my mom's house to do while I watched over my step-dad. Why should I spend the whole day doing nothing?? The first set I made a few boo-boos . There are several tutorials out there all you have to do is search for them. The one I used yesterday was this one from Blueprint Crafts and after my mistakes actually read the whole thing (cough) and worked on my next set. I'm so excited because I got an entire BOX of tiles for $2.00 at a yard sale last summer and had started picking up a few children's books for about 10 cents that I wanted to use. I LOVE being thrifty. This set is for my daughter Jordayn who is now 20 and in August is moving into an apartment with a friend when said friend goes to college. When she was little she was going to marry Peter Pan. Now you couldn't tell her anything different, she'd put her hand on her hip and stomp her little foot and tell you that yes she WAS going to marry Peter Pan! I cut out the scenes I wanted to use for this and voila!

Now these are in varying stages of drying so they aren't done yet and I don't have a photo of finished project yet because I need to put the sealer on them but her squee of delight was all this mommy needed. She says she doesn't think she can put drinks on them and I told her she could just display them if she wanted hehe. I think you could easily put a hanger on the back of these and hang them on a child's wall, just another idea?

I'm already working on a new project today :) I'll share later!

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