Sunday, October 30, 2011

First Craft Fair 2011

So yesterday we had our first craft fair of the season. What a crappy day. First off they put our table in a room opposite the direction of the big room and there were only two of us in that room as vendors. Everyone paid and went right never looking our way. On their way out, after doing their double and triple runs through the big room, they saw us on the way out. In their mind though they were already done shopping :(

I did ok and it was worth my time. I wish I had been more prepared though as at 3pm the night before I had not ONE finished product haha. I stayed up all night with NO sleep and got a bunch of things done. I was able to whip up 15 bibs, 15 burp cloths, 6 packs of heart shaped and other shaped crayons (6 to a pack) and I made a tagged toy with a squeaker for babies with flannel and minky which was a spur of the moment idea but I got 6 done and only came home with 2 of those. Guess what I'll be making more of!?!?  My mom makes jewelry and she was pretty disappointed but I told her the next one will be amazing and I hope she's not too discouraged. I also told her Etsy is going to be a great place for her things after the holidays. My other friend Missy who normally blows out of her rice bags and coasters only sold one of each. I don't think we'll do that fair again next year.

We have to get ready now for November 12th at Morris and November 19th in Galeton and the big one on December 3rd for Wellsboro's Dicken's of a Christmas. Did I mention I'm moving in the middle of all this?!?!? What a wild ride the next month will be.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy 16th Birthday Kyle

Sixteen years ago today, you came into this world
Without a breath, without a cry
Who knew you’d leave the same
I held your hand, I watched you grow
Dried your tears and held you near
You’d sleep with me when you were scared
Your fears safely held at bay
Those big brown eyes, that boyish smile
Captured your Momma’s heart
Your dreams were big, your goals thought out
You’d only just begun
Today was supposed to be, your favorite birthday of all
A car from Dad, silly gifts from mom and money from your Grandma
Peanut butter frosted brownies that only someone who loves you can make
Balloons at the cemetery, words of love and sadness
A family gathers to remember a boy just becoming a man
Taken too soon, loved SO much
Forgotten never

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sew Little Time

My days are full....... just plain full.

We are definitely buying the new house so I have been working tirelessly to go through everything we have in this huge house and down sizing immensely. I'm glad our closing isn't until November 23rd because I'm going to need all the time I can get. I've had to go through a lot of Kyle's things, deciding what to keep. Sometimes it's the silliest things that I can't part with but I just go with what my heart tells me. I still haven't touched his room but that will come in time.

While I'm trying to pack I am also sewing. Our first craft fair is October 29th and I am not ready in the least. I have a lot of things cut out and pinned together I just need to make a schedule for myself I think of what I'm doing when to make time for everything.

My Sarcoidosis is back out of remission. Only 3 months was all it could muster to stay hidden. I'm back on 40mg of Prednisone a day to keep it at bay until I can start my new treatment with Remicade. I'm battling a nasty chest cold right now which I may have to break down and go to the doctor for something. I'm not sick anywhere else, no stuffy nose or head but my cough is nasty and my chest rattling. At least the Prednisone keeps the pain from the Psioratic Arthritis at bay as well. Gotta love two auto immune diseases that can be calmed down with the same thing.

Wow, what a downer post!!!! I promise for joy and happiness next time :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Non Sewing Craft!

Normally I am not creative nor do I even attempt things but today I had a mission.

I wanted to try using spray paint. I admit, I am 40 years old and have never used spray paint. I've read lots of blogs and collected things at the Goodwill and yard sales to use it on but have never really done it. Well, today is the day! I foolishly didn't take before photos but the wire basket and the other pieces were all just plain white and bleh looking. The basket also had a little bit of rust. This is what I did with them!

I think they turned out quite cute if I do say so myself!

The last project I did today was for my son's resting place. I decided I wanted Kyle to have something for Halloween so he'd know I was thinking of him. I used two butternut squash and some white spray paint to make them look like ghosts. I should have used something different but I really had no idea and used a permanent marker for the ghost face. Next time I'll do better :) I'm still happy with them as my first attempt and I took them to the cemetery today with his new mums. This was also my first attempt with the spray paint so I had a lot to learn about dripping and such.

I'm excited to try some new things later on. The basket I got for $1.00 and the flowers and bee I got for $0.75 in a baggie. Now they look brand new!