Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year and Hopefully New Beginnings, Finally

It's been about a month and a half since I last posted. So much has gone on and I guess I needed to get through these first holidays without my son. Since my last post we have bought a new house and moved. Today we are finishing up at the old house, getting it cleaned and last bits moved out so that we can get it rented. I still have lots to unpack in the new house but once the old is sorted we can get working on the new. In our new house I have an entire sewing/crafting room all to myself and that is going to be where I start organizing. The rest of the house is livable and I need a retreat. Also, I have so many ideas I've pinned on Pinterest and saved to my bookmarks from other blogs I read that I want to try! If you haven't been to Pinterest it is a must see. A fountain of ideas for everything you can think of!

My mornings Monday-Friday are spent helping take care of my Step-Dad. He is in end stage COPD and bed bound with Hospice care. My Mom and sister both work and I stay until my sister gets home from her job that is allowing her to work only half days right now.

My goal for 2012 is to move forward with my life without Kyle, to learn to heal, to laugh, to love without one of my own to take care of. I think the way I will do this is through my sewing and crafting. Who knows, maybe I can turn it into a business :) Blogging about these adventures is going to be a part of all that and I am going to make a huge effort to do more of it!

P.S. I found Silhouette vinyl at Hobby Lobby!!! I didn't check to see if they had other products in the Silhouette line but I will look next time I go and have more time. I'm really excited about this to not have to pay shipping. I want to say it was a 9"x10' roll for $7.99 and to use coupons???? WOOT!