Monday, February 28, 2011

No Dear, I did not buy more fabric. Well, maybe a little.

While at Walmart a few days ago I looked at their Valentine's Day fabric to see if they had it marked down. To my delight it was..... are you sitting down???? ......... $0.74 a YARD!!!! My husband though steered me away and reminded me of the piles of fabric I've bought at Joann's over the last few months at their 1/2 off clearance sales. He claims I have a fabric addiction. Can you believe that?? I tried to reason with him and tell him that since I make things to sell that buying it at a very cheap price gives me more of a profit! He wasn't buying it though so we left. The next day my daughter needed to go to Walmart so of course I offered to take her. I snuck into the fabric section and snatched up the bolts of fabric that I thought weren't too specific to the holiday and that I could easily use all year round. Here is my bounty! I got 12 1/4 yards for $9.66. How can you pass that up!?!?!

Now I will admit that I do have a slight fabric addiction and I do have piles and piles of fabric I've only just gotten washed and haven't done anything with but I feel a sewingpalooza about to happen!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tiny Steps

Today has seen me applique 6 onesies (two with ties, two with Minnie Mouse heads and two with hearts). I need to stitch around them but I need to practice first as I've never done it before. Also, I started cutting 6 x 6 squares of minky dot and 100% cotton for some sensory squares I'm making. They will have ribbons around the outer edges and something crinkly inside. Just trying to widen my variety at the co-op. Photos once they are finished.

Dinner was amazing! Using my favorite site for finding recipes I decided on this one for tonight Slow-Cooker-Italian-Chicken-Alfredo . Everyone loved it and hubby is looking forward to it for lunch tomorrow. Yay for tasty leftovers.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Beginnings

A new blog for a new beginning. I have decided to take my love of sewing to the next level and have opened an Etsy store Stitched Sew Sweetly and have rented a space in a local co-op for my sewn items. I'm also hoping these two things will motivate me as I've been very lax in sewing anything. Don't worry however, it hasn't stopped me from buying piles of fabric! This blog is going to follow me and my journey through this thing called life. I love to cook and spend time with my family so I'm sure you'll be hearing about those things as well. I have been going through treatment for an auto immune disease called Sarcoidosis for 3 years now. Normally people have a much shorter treatment process but mine happens to be chronic. Yay me!