Sunday, May 15, 2011


I need to remember that this blog is not just for my sewing but about life in general. I haven't sewn in quite some time and I need to get motivated but for some reason or another I keep getting sidetracked and never get to it.

I went to my family doctor for one of my 6 week check ups and discussed the new treatment with him. I suppose I needed his approval before I felt like it was going to be a good idea. He seemed very pleased and excited for me and has high hopes that this is going to be the answer. I do have an appointment this week to see a surgeon about the umbilical hernia I have as that needs to be taken care of before I can start the Remicade. I've been feeling pretty good for the most part the last two weeks and trying to get a lot done. I've been unpacking boxes that have sat for the last three years since we moved in here. My mentality for the most part has been that if I haven't needed it in the last three years then I probably don't need it now.

My daughter is 19 and finally got her first job. I'm a bad mom I suppose as I've never pushed her until now. While she was in school I rather that she studied as she had a harder time than most. I'm proud of her though and she is really loving it. I was worried about her being able to do it, I will admit but she has proven me wrong and I'm pleased! She said to me last night that she feels really good about herself when she comes home at night and feels like she's accomplished something. I think this is going to be the road to her self confidence and having ambition to do something with her life.

Spring is here but I wish it would just stay decently warm. One day it's 70 then the next it's only 50. The grass is growing and we still don't have a lawnmower. Hopefully we can find someone to help us mow before it turns into a jungle like last year.

For some random cuteness here's my lovelies

Love, love, love my babies!!!!!!!!