Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Non Sewing Craft!

Normally I am not creative nor do I even attempt things but today I had a mission.

I wanted to try using spray paint. I admit, I am 40 years old and have never used spray paint. I've read lots of blogs and collected things at the Goodwill and yard sales to use it on but have never really done it. Well, today is the day! I foolishly didn't take before photos but the wire basket and the other pieces were all just plain white and bleh looking. The basket also had a little bit of rust. This is what I did with them!

I think they turned out quite cute if I do say so myself!

The last project I did today was for my son's resting place. I decided I wanted Kyle to have something for Halloween so he'd know I was thinking of him. I used two butternut squash and some white spray paint to make them look like ghosts. I should have used something different but I really had no idea and used a permanent marker for the ghost face. Next time I'll do better :) I'm still happy with them as my first attempt and I took them to the cemetery today with his new mums. This was also my first attempt with the spray paint so I had a lot to learn about dripping and such.

I'm excited to try some new things later on. The basket I got for $1.00 and the flowers and bee I got for $0.75 in a baggie. Now they look brand new!


  1. I LOVE using spray paint to "re-energize" a thrift item! to help with runs, start spraying from the area closest to you and spray away from you, using smooth strokes. holding the can in one place causes runs. next time your over you can see how i learned this the hard way on my bathroom hamper!

  2. wow for your first time spray painting you did a great job i love the colors! thanks for following me at sewfantastic! im a new follower!