Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy 16th Birthday Kyle

Sixteen years ago today, you came into this world
Without a breath, without a cry
Who knew you’d leave the same
I held your hand, I watched you grow
Dried your tears and held you near
You’d sleep with me when you were scared
Your fears safely held at bay
Those big brown eyes, that boyish smile
Captured your Momma’s heart
Your dreams were big, your goals thought out
You’d only just begun
Today was supposed to be, your favorite birthday of all
A car from Dad, silly gifts from mom and money from your Grandma
Peanut butter frosted brownies that only someone who loves you can make
Balloons at the cemetery, words of love and sadness
A family gathers to remember a boy just becoming a man
Taken too soon, loved SO much
Forgotten never

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