Monday, February 28, 2011

No Dear, I did not buy more fabric. Well, maybe a little.

While at Walmart a few days ago I looked at their Valentine's Day fabric to see if they had it marked down. To my delight it was..... are you sitting down???? ......... $0.74 a YARD!!!! My husband though steered me away and reminded me of the piles of fabric I've bought at Joann's over the last few months at their 1/2 off clearance sales. He claims I have a fabric addiction. Can you believe that?? I tried to reason with him and tell him that since I make things to sell that buying it at a very cheap price gives me more of a profit! He wasn't buying it though so we left. The next day my daughter needed to go to Walmart so of course I offered to take her. I snuck into the fabric section and snatched up the bolts of fabric that I thought weren't too specific to the holiday and that I could easily use all year round. Here is my bounty! I got 12 1/4 yards for $9.66. How can you pass that up!?!?!

Now I will admit that I do have a slight fabric addiction and I do have piles and piles of fabric I've only just gotten washed and haven't done anything with but I feel a sewingpalooza about to happen!

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