Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bad, Bad, Blogger....

I am so not able to post all the time. Well, truthfully, I have the time but sometimes I wonder if anyone will really care what I have to say :)

Lots has been brewing over the last two months since I've written. We've worked at rallying around my mom after my father's death. I worry about her and she spent a good two months really trying to figure out how to be alone but this past week things have clicked for her and she is back to making jewelry to use up some of her free time. I'm hoping with a new focus she'll do better than she has been. We have a vendor event on Saturday so that gives us something to work towards. Her with her jewelry and me to sew.

June 15th, 2012 marked the one year anniversary of my son's death. The weeks leading up to it were full of emotion and my mom took me on an overnight shopping trip on the day of. We spent the day laughing and joking around and a lot of time reminiscing about my Boo. I thought after the anniversary passed I would find myself able to move forward again but the last few weeks have really been hard. I miss him so much and the tears flow freely almost every day. I'll get there I know but some days I really wonder. This is the poem I wrote for the anniversary:

Kyle B. Lenhardt - 10/22/95 - 6/15/11

It's been one year that you've been gone,
one year of many tears.
Your big brown eyes and contagious laughter
we've missed every single day.
The world went on as we stood still,
watching full of wonder.
It took some time to understand
that there would be no answers.
One day I was your mother, taking care of you
then suddenly, there I stood,
I was without a clue.
My heart aches at the things that I will miss
that others take for granted.
What I wouldn't give, for one more day with you.
I'd hold you close, I'd kiss your cheek
and never let you go.
I know that you are out there,
watching over me.
A hand upon my shoulder,
I wish that I could feel.
For now I hold your memory close
I talk, I laugh, I cry.
My love still grows for you each day
as if you were still here.

I need to get sewing for Saturday so I will leave you with my dinner for this evening. We loved this recipe so much the first time we had it and I made it exactly as she has posted. It looks not so appetizing but it is DELISH! So stop on over at The Cutting Edge of Ordinary and try her Cowboy Casserole

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