Saturday, May 5, 2012

First Spring Craft Fair

I have done several Christmas time craft fairs but decided this year to try something new. My items don't tend to be just for the holidays or holiday themed so I figured why not? This venue only charged $10.00 a table and it was their first Spring Craft Fair ever. They had 30 vendors and I thought that was pretty decent. The attendance numbers were huge but I sell quite a few things and was quite pleased at the outcome. I am not encouraged more to sew and to search around for other opportunities. They do a summer event that is quite large and has been going on for a few years, they have a huge craft fair/vendors and a car show, it's called their Summer Jubilee, and has a large turn out I'm told. I've already signed up for that, it's in July.

On the Remicade front, my insurance has denied me being able to use this drug as I haven't used the daily injection routine first so I am working on getting that started. Not that I'm overly excited about the prospect of stabbing myself every day and hoping it works but I am wanting to get off the steroids due to the decline in my health in other areas from taking them for 4 years. My main goal at this point is to say goodbye to the prednisone which will then allow me to lose the weight I've put on during this treatment and say goodbye to the diabetes (we know this is steroid induced) and the high blood pressure. Hopefully we can also turn around the osteoporosis that is occurring. One drug to fight the Sarcoidosis brings on 10 other health problems. How does that work!?!!? At least we are on the path to getting me healthier.

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