Sunday, March 20, 2011

This, That and the Other Thing

Wow, I need to be more consistent with blogging. Things have been hectic and I've been doing lots of things to talk about but I don't take the time to sit down and do it. Here's hoping I get on the right track!

I have finally organized my sewing area so tomorrow will see me actually sewing. I NEED to get some projects done or having a place at a co-op is pretty useless in the sense of paying monthly to be there. On another note I went to Walmart and found that they had their Garanimal shirts on clearance for $1.00 so I picked up a bunch to applique for my different shops. At that price how could you pass it up, right??

Yesterday I went to a few estate sales and yard sales to find some items for my antique stall at another co-op I'm a part of. As per the norm I find things that I love but then don't want to part with. One is a large ceramic turtle with a snail on his back and another is a chest that I was going to resell but the more I thought about it I think I might paint it and recover the top of it and use it for fabric I have that doesn't get used as often as other types like my upholstry fabric and more vintage fabric.

Today I went shopping with a friend who is just getting started on Etsy. We went to Joann's and I actually did NOT buy any fabric. I went with a mental list of what I needed for a few projects I was thinking of. I got a roll of corkboard and a jar of chalkboard paint and that's it! I was so amazed but I did have to talk myself out of fabric several times but held fast to not buying any. We also hit up Old Navy where I bought three shirts that were on clearance for 97 cents to make arm warmers out of and then to Michael's where I only bought an iron on transfer (clearanced of course) and some pins and one spool of ribbon. That is called will power let me tell you!

Last but not least, I am very excited to have won a felt food giveaway that Are they all yours???? was doing. She gave us three choices and I chose the breakfast set and cannot wait to get it. It is going to my new nephew that my sister is adopting who is 5 years old and autistic. I think this are going to be fabulous for him!

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